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Fundamentals of Dark Web 

The Dark Web course offered at SOCRadar Academy is now free for everyone to give you everything you need to use and navigate the dark side of the internet.




What is Fundamentals of Dark Web Training?

This free dark web course will guide you into and through the dark web safely and securely. 

You will learn research tactics and techniques to confidently and effectively investigate hidden content and impart knowledge gained from the dark web to others. You will know where to look to keep up to date with security breaches and cyber risks.
Table of Contents

  • What is the Dark Web
  • Differentiating Between the Surface Web, Deep Web, and the Dark Web
  • History of the Dark Web
  • How Does the Dark Web Work
  • How to Access the Dark Web
  • Tor vs I2P vs FreeNET
  • What is on the Dark Web
  • Top Dark Web Marketplaces
  • Dark Web Index Prices
  • Top Dark Web Forums and Communities
  • Dark Web Myths and Facts
  • Cyber Threat on The Dark Web
  • How SOCRadar can Help You to Monitor the Dark Web

Defend Your Data in the Dark: Empower with Dark Web Radar


VP of Research, Advisory CISO
He received his bachelor and master degrees in electronics and computer engineering at New York Institute of Technology and continued his doctorate in information and communication technologies at Tallinn University of Technology. 2010-2013 He worked as an IT Specialist at Solaris in the USA, and as an IT Chief in 2013-2015 Turkish Petroleum A.Ş. Between 2016 and 2018, he served as the national representative on behalf of the Republic of Turkey at the NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. Between 2015 – 2020 (October) he worked as a senior researcher at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Cyber ​​Security Institute. Since 2020 (November), he has held the positions of SOC team project manager, Pentest team project manager and CISO at BGA Security. Currently, he works as VP of Research and CISO of SOCRadar. He has eWPTX, eCTHP, CCISO, CEH, CTIA, CND, CSA, DRP, CEI, ISO27001 LA certificates and has more than 150 published articles on cyber security, artificial intelligence and blockchain.